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    Tuesday, June 17, 2008

    JUNE 14th, 24-HOUR ULTRASKATE IV - World Record Set

    See a list of skateboard world records here. See newly added video clip below...

    Photo by Taylor Barrett, more of his photos here.

    Beyond my expectations...I set a new world record for 24 hour distance skateboarding...242 miles at this years Ultraskate IV... Find more information at PavedWave.org...

    from PavedWave.org forum...

    Howdy Folks

    Slept a lot yesterday, but feel fine today.

    Went skateboarding over at Volunteer Park. Really enjoyed it...even feeling stronger.

    A HUGE HUGE thank you to James Peters and all the crew in Seattle. It is hard to believe that I had never even heard of Long Distance Pumping before April 1st this year! What a blessing to have met James on that day at Green Lake.

    Couple weeks later, James lets me borrow that magic board. My gawd what a beautiful, magical thing it is...Subsonic Pulse 40.

    After James let me borrow the board, I rode like a maniac for days and days...crashed...took a couple weeks to recover...went to LA for some healing sun and great training rides...and then back to Seattle.

    I am going to write down more about my experience during the ride, but just to let everyone know my secrets:

    1. Be sure you have an excellent LDP (long distance pumping) board...I did (see
    Subsonic Pulse 40).

    2. Train yourself to run an ultramarathon...i.e., learn how to pace youself for a full 24 hours

    3. Study about 24 hour nutrition and hydration and electrolyte needs. Nutrition is key. In my case, I relied on my own special sports nutrition drink mix which includes maltodextrin, soy or hemp protein powder, Green Magma powder and Rehydration Salts. I also ate GU's and Hammer Gels and drank some coffee. I also took two Advil during the race and 1 Succeed! S-Cap every 2 hours.

    4. Have strong healthy feet...and let them have the freedom to move around to get blood flowing everywhere...that's why I wore my Vibram FiveFinger shoes...allowed my foot to do what it does best.

    I went into the event just trying to see what it would be like to go 100 miles..., but the weather was perfect and the energy strong. I just could feel Eric Lowell's energy and his energy got me inspired to keep going too. I was determined to go the full 24 hours and Eric helped me have someone to follow.

    After some rest and some skating today, I have come to the conclusion that someday, someone in this sport is going to achieve 300 miles in 24 hours. Before yesterday, I would have said that 220 is impossible...

    So all you out there, live strong and push the envelope of the possible...

    Look forward to seeing you on the giant paved wave...


    PS. A big thank you goes out to my cousin Robert Renfro and SCI, Technology Without Intrusion for sponsoring my travel to this event.

    Photo by Taylor Barrett, more of his photos here.

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