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    Saturday, September 18, 2010

    1st Annual New York City Barefoot Run - AWESOME!!!

    How could I resist an invitation to this event?

    Here's the info:

    Announcing the
    1st Annual New York City Barefoot Run
    Sunday, October 10th
    It's about time that minimalist and barefoot runners had our own run.  Well, now we do.  We invite all barefoot, minimalist, or curious runners to join us for the 1st Annual New York City Barefoot Run on Sunday, October 10th at beautiful Governors Island in New York Harbor.  More than just a run, this is a whole weekend of events to understand the benefits of barefoot -- walking or running.  Saturday clinics, talks and presentations, a runners party, and oh yeah, there's a run too.
    • Come meet other leading barefoot runners, including:
      • Dan Lieberman, Harvard professor studying the science of running
      • Barefoot Ted, larger-than-life barefoot runner in the best-seller Born to Run
      • Jason Robillard, barefoot ultramarathoner, author of The Barefoot Running Book
      • Erwan Le Corre, founder of MovNat and 20-year barefoot running veteran
      • Daniel Howell, author of The Barefoot Book
      • John Durant, event host and founder of Barefoot Runners NYC
    • Participate in a totally unique race format: Run your distance
      • Everyone starts together, then run as many loops around the island (2.1 miles) as is right for you
      • Each runner will have to decide when to stop -- emphasizing the importance of listening to your feet and body
      • Wear VFFs, other minimalist shoes, or go barefoot...or even just wear normal sneakers
      • * Beginners are encouraged to walk 1 loop of the island *
      • Come cheer on Jason Robillard as he runs a barefoot marathon!
    • The events will last throughout the weekend
      • Saturday barefoot clinics in Central Park
      • Saturday evening Lieberman talk and panel discussion at the Terra Plana store
      • Sunday morning run at Governors Island
      • More clinics and product demonstrations after the run
    • The location is Governors Island in New York Harbor, with stunning views of
      • The Statue of Liberty
      • Lower Manhattan
      • Brooklyn and the Brooklyn Bridge
    • Thank you to our lead sponsor, Terra Plana's Vivobarefoot, for being so supportive of the run in its first year!
    Registration for this event is limited to 500 runners.  That sounds like a lot, but runs fill up quickly in NYC, so it's really not -- register soon.  We have people coming in from North Carolina, Boston, New Mexico, Seattle, Michigan, and...Sweden.  If you're coming into town on a budget, contact us and we will try to arrange for a member of Barefoot Runners NYC to host you.

    All run details and registration at 
    See you there!

    Some photos from the event...



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