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Thursday, February 12, 2009

Mt. Lukens Barefoot in the Snow

Erwan Le Corre and I climbed the highest mountain within the city limits of Los Angeles, Mt. Lukens at 5074 feet, on the 10th. About halfway up we found ourselves in the We continued on to the summit barefoot and shirtless. After a break at the summit, we dressed warmer, put on our FeelMax Niesa footwear and headed down. About 3 hours and 30 minutes. 8.8 miles round trip.

The back country of Los Angeles...different than you expected?

Ocean in the distance, downtown LA to the left

Le Corre sprinting near the summit...see barefoot prints?

FeelMax footwear a welcome relief after climbing up barefoot.

BFT near summit...wearing my climbing uniform...Hansen Dam in background.

Erwan Le Corre near summit.

Our trail about halfway up...and it only got deeper as we advanced.

To purchase FeelMax Footwear in the USA, click here.

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Sunday, January 25, 2009

Running in Seattle with FeelMax Shoes

Volunteer Park snow run

University of Washington Husky Stadium in the background

Up the Interlaken

Through the park on the way home

Tiger Mountain rocky trail
| Photo by Laura Houston

Excellent feedback through sole - good for balance feel
My dirty, well-used FeelMax Niesas (set for European release June 2009)

1 mm thick puncture-proof sole

Howdy Folks

I am testing out a new shoe from a family owned company in Finland called FeelMax.

See (not yet available in the USA)

I have the latest version shipped to me directly from their factory in Thailand.

I am VERY impressed with this shoe and will be writing more in the coming

The version I have has a 1 mm thick sole made out of a Kevlar impregnated material developed by Continental for FeelMax. Amazing stuff.

Mine are VERY easy to get on and off. The feeling is amazingly close to barefoot. 1mm sole is very thin and very durable.



PS. Read more here.

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