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    Monday, October 01, 2007

    Scott Wins Spartathlon 2007

    Spartathlon is a 246 kilometre (152.85 miles) ultramarathon race held in Greece since 1983 between Athens and Sparta. read more >>>

    Spartathlon 2007 - Scott Jurek - Start to Finish
    Made while the experience was still fresh, a more comprehensive video
    following the front runners from beginning to end to come in following months

    Big! Thank Yous to Scott and Leah for inviting me to Greece and taking such good care of me. You can link to Scott's blog here. Wikipedia here.

    Super special thanks to Shannon of Moeben Sleeves for co-sponsoring my trip and Robert Renfro of Solar Communications International. Greatly appreciated.

    Glenn Tachiyama's excellent photos of the race found here.
    Lisa Bliss' blog here and photos here.

    Valmir Nunes (#3 - 25:37:40) , Scott Jurek (#1 - 23:12:14) and Piotr Kurylo (#2 - 24:29:41) at Awards Ceremony

    Scott running through Ancient Nemea
    Note: Nemean wine is VERY good.

    Map from Spartathlon.gr

    Pre-Race Interview Part 1

    Pre-Race Interview Part 2

    Scott with many of the top Japanese runners from club MY☆STAR.
    This year's race including the following top Japanese runners:

    In the future, Scott hopes to make more trips over to Japan to both race and gain a deeper understanding of Japanese culture, especially traditional vegetarian food culture. Meeting this club is a good first step.

    Luckily for me, I became fluent in Japanese after studying it in university and living in Japan for nearly 5 years. With 80 Japanese participants in this year's race, I had the unique opportunity of using my Japanese in Greece! My Japanese is a little rusty, but it comes out of me without thinking too much which is nice.

    Great photo with Yukio Morishita (last finisher) and Scott Jurek (first finisher)

    Scott shakes hands with the legendary John Foden, founding runner of the Spartathlon

    What an amazing experience. I caught most of the race on video from start to finish. I have made a quick-fix video above, but plan on taking more time in the near future and putting together a video that highlights the top runners throughout the race.

    Offical website: www.spartathlon.gr
    Thanks to Christos Tsiakiris

    Spartathlon was made possible through the exclusive support of the
    Stavros Niarchos Foundation
    The race is very fortunate to have such an organization supporting it. I think that the Sparatathlon is a fanatastic event with an amazing history. It brings together so many top-level runners from around the world in such a beautiful and friendly country.


    Thanks to the following:

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    Spartathlon 2007 - The Crew

    Dr. Lisa Bliss, BFT, Leah, Scott and Glenn Tachiyama at start line

    On the streets in Athens...cheering ALL runners (video below)

    Coffee Break...thank you!

    Dr. Bliss teaches Glenn how to smoke!

    Mark Godale, Lisa Bliss, Valmir Nunes, Scott Jurek
    Top runners doped on nicotine thanks to Dr. Bliss?

    Nunes' secret weapon?

    Team Jerker at Awards Ceremony
    photo copyright Glenn Tachiyama

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    Tuesday, September 25, 2007

    Running Greece - 2007 Spartathlon - Crewing for Scott Jurek

    Scott and Leah spent over a week out near Pylos in a town called Gialova. I joined them on the 23rd for sevaral days of relaxing and swimming before the race. Best time ever.

    Scott and Leah fed me very well during my stay. It would be easy to be a vegan if it meant eating like they do everyday. Well, Leah and I did eat the yogurt, too. Greek yogurt is good stuff.

    Very cool map of the area click here.

    Climbing up into Navarino Castle with Voidokilia Beach in the background

    Scott and Leah Jurek enter the gates of paradise?

    Looking down at Voidokilia Beach mentioned in Homer's Odyssey

    In front of Nestor's Cave

    Sphacteria Island in background where the Spartans lost to the Athenians

    Running up to the top of Mt. Nickolas

    Slow food.



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