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Friday, May 11, 2007

Hemp-Strapped Huarache Sandals

My New Hemp-Strapped Huaraches 3.7 ounces

My latest experiment includes using hemp twine instead of leather on my Vibram-soled huaraches.

I went for a 15 miler yesterday in the hot afternoon LA sun. I took these new huaraches up and down rocky trails and on the road. They handled beautifully.

These sandals bring me one step closer to my ultimate goal for this year's Angeles Crest 100. I want to run the race in a pair of yucca sandals similar to the sandals that the original Los Angelenos wore. Hemp twine is a good temporary substitute for yucca cordage.


PS. I bought my hemp twine at cord at

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Saturday, March 17, 2007

SURVIVAL SKILLS INTENSIVE with Christopher Nyerges

from SURVIVAL SKILLS INTENSIVE, Saturday, March 17, 10 a.m., $51. We'll be in a higher elevation where we can make shelter, practice weaving, make fire without matches, and put together a great meal from wild plants. Switzer's Camp, Angeles National Forest, Location 3.

This was a fantastic day learning how to do the following:

1. Create yucca cordage
2. Weave a net
3. Identify some edible plants
4. Identify good tinder plants
5. Build a lean-to shelter
6. Construct small animal traps with triggers
7. Start fire without matches

I was particularly happy to learn how to start a fire using a fire drill. The video footage below shows several people working together using just their hands to start the fire. Later, I did the same on my own, from building the hearth to using the drill and getting the fire started. Very cool.


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